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Buyers Registration And Businesses Wanted Section Added To Restaurant Realty’s Website –

Effective immediately we have added a “Buyer Registration” section to our website. This section allows a buyer to enter his/her criteria for an acquisition and/or lease of a restaurant, bar and/or club into our system. The buyer’s information includes the following:

  1. a) Does he/she want to buy and/or lease a restaurant, bar and/or club?,
  2. b) What geographic area(s) is the buyer looking for?
  3. c) How much cash does the buyer have to invest?
  4. d) Other information includes how many square feet, number of seats, and any other specifics such as type of restaurant – full service, fast food, ethnic and other buyer’s data such as name, address, email address, phone and fax numbers.

After we receive this information we assign the buyer a code number and enter the data into our “Businesses Wanted” section which is a separate section found on our home page. The “Businesses Wanted” section is categorized by county for buyers looking for restaurants, bars, and/or clubs in the following counties: A is for Alameda County, M is for Marin County, SF is for San Francisco County, SM is for San Mateo County, SC is for Santa Clara County, ME is for Mendocino County, N is for Napa County, S is for Sonoma County, C is for Contra Costa County and 0 is for two or more counties listed above or another county not listed above.


This section will allow restaurant, bar and/or club owners who do not have their businesses listed but wish to sell their business the opportunity to search our “Businesses Wanted” section to see if there is a buyer listed whose criteria matches the owners criteria for a potential sale. Similarly this section will afford another real estate agent/broker who has a particular restaurant, bar and/or club listing for sale the opportunity to go to our “Businesses Wanted” section and locate a buyer for his/her listing. We feel that these new sections will increase our sales volume and provide a viable service to business owners and real estate agents/brokers to locate qualified buyers and complete transactions.