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In order to improve user experience for mobile device users, including those accessing our site on tablets, and make the overall web experience more friendly, Restaurant Realty recently relaunched our website on a new platform. This enhanced experience is most notable on all iPhones, iPads, Android, and Window phones and tablets. For those who frequent our site, the overall information access should be similar, but you will notice some enhanced features and upgraded user interface which will make the overall experience of finding information about our services and listings easier.

In 2012 Restaurant Realty really began to see the trend of mobile and tablet users on our site representing 25% of user sessions. This steadily increased to 36% of user sessions in 2013, 42% in 2014 and over 47% in 2015. We expect this trend to continue and for mobile traffic to exceed 50% in 2016. Additionally, currently over 60% of those receiving and opening the Restaurant Realty eNewsletters that is sent out every 2 weeks are read and clicked through on mobile devices. While our prior platform operated on mobile/tablet devices, our new enhanced platform features a mobile friendlier listing section that makes it much easier for buyers to quickly browse through our California inventory and quickly access mobile friendly profiles, complete information requests and confidentiality agreements quickly on a mobile/tablet device. Users should also find the desktop experience to be an upgraded experience as well.

As Restaurant Realty continues to lead the way in California for assisting in buying and selling restaurants, bars and nightclubs, our system enhancements will make it that much easier for all of our clients to interact with us, request and receive information.