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Restaurant Realty Launches Its New State Of The Art Website

Restaurant Realty Company is proud to unveil new cutting-edge, dynamic website raising the profile of our listings and organization’s brand. Some of the new features include: (a) Searching listings by more specific business types and a broader choice of geographical areas; (b) Viewing agent/broker individual listings;  (c) Accessibility and promotion to our social media including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn company pages; (d) Showcasing photos of our sold featured listings and sold related commercial property listings; (e) Viewing our listings by two different formats; and, (f) Improving user experience and showcasing Restaurant Realty and having faster access to our listings.
Please click on headings below to be taken to major sections of our website:
While our legacy website is one of the top websites for our business niche, we were ready to enhance our brand and user experience, and feel that our new website compliments and expands our vision. A special thanks to Jeremy Broekman, our Creative Marketing Director for leading the project, Gail Lafayette, our Seller Coordinator & Project Manager, and Thomas Barton, our Internet Coordinator, for their contributions in development of the site. We hope you enjoy using the website and we look forward to working with you in the near future.