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SOLD – Town’s End Restaurant, San Francisco

San Francisco

Steve Zimmerman has known David and Mary Sperber for many years as their former restaurant Home Plate in San Francisco was on the same block as our restaurant company offices in the 80’s in the Marina District of San Francisco.

They had the reputation as one of the best places in San Francisco for breakfast and brunch. They moved their restaurant to the South Beach area in 1991 near the major league baseball park where the Giants play in to a larger more expansive physical plant with a more extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu with an in-house bakery and the restaurant was called Towns End.
Mary is the master baker and purveyor of a brunch that has seen wait times well over an hour. David is the head chef for the dinner and lunch menu. Italian influenced with a California flare, David has been cooking with organic ingredients far before culinary fashion dictated it. Through his trained technique he cultivated multiple layers of ‘umami’ into his dishes. The couple met at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco 1980 and have dedicated their lives and culinary skill to this city ever since.
Even before Covid the Sperber’s decided to sell as David well into his 70’s had back issues. They will be dearly missed by their thousands of customers for their delicious food and excellent service. In Mary’s tearful words, she will truly miss the “intertwined and multi-generational connections that have blossomed out of Town’s End community” either through customer or employee.
Steve had the opportunity of working with the Sperber’s and the new buyers Jennifer Nushwat and her husband Nimer Massis. The husband-and-wife team have extensive restaurant ownership and management experience and currently own and operate over a dozen different restaurants. They will operating Towns End as the former owners did providing a high qualify breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. They will add as another component to the business El Capitan Taqueria which will provide high quality Mexican food similar to their several other El Capitan Taquerias they own and operate.

Restaurant Realty wishes the David and Mary Sperber a well-deserved happy and healthy retirement and wish Jennifer and Nimer continued success in their new business.