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Altamir Souza Of North Beach Pizza

Al Souza, a native of Brazil, started his restaurant career in 1976 when he purchased a small pizza shop in San Francisco called California Pizza. After earning his degree in computer science from University of San Francisco he sold this shop in 1980 and worked for Church’s Fried Chicken for 2 years as a manager, and for Wendy’s as a supervisor where he learned professional restaurant systems.

In 1982 he opened the original North Beach Pizza at 1499 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, emphasizing a menu with a strong price value orientation with a fast and reliable computerized delivery service that he developed reaching hundreds of major businesses throughout the city. This store was so successful that he opened his second store one block away in 1986. Subsequently he opened three other San Francisco locations and has a new location currently under construction on Pier 39. He also has locations in Berkeley and in San Mateo. Al is a recognized Bay Area business leader of the Brazilian community and has helped numerous former employees and Brazilians start successful businesses throughout the bay area.