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Chyna Honey – Cafe del Soul

cafedelsolIn 2003 Chyna Honey was unsatisfied with a corporate career in South Florida. She decided to take a leap of faith after resigning from her job and taking some time to travel through Europe by packing up her SUV to drive across the country to the SF Bay area. Once settled into San Francisco she was determined to open up what was then going to be a new kind of smoothie shop.

In July 2004 she opened Café del Soul in Mill Valley back then though she named it Smoothie Love. Without formal training she created the menu based on foods and experiences she liked, then designed the space and even laid the kitchen tiles.

In 2005 she renamed Smoothie Love to Café del Soul as the new name did a far better job of describing the food, the experience and the atmosphere. The café serves organic and hormone free and gluten free foods including wraps, soups, salads and quinoa dishes. The smoothie drinks are original and sweets and snacks are unique.

Driven by a dream she worked tirelessly and today after 9 years and the wonderful support of her husband, friends and staff she opened a second location in San Rafael in April 2013 at a Restaurant Realty listing and is working to open a third bay area location in the summer of 2013.

“I am so proud of the café; how it was brought to life and how it has survived and throughout most of our time together, thrived. I’ve met amazing people along the way, some have been customers and others have been employees and the café just wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

Restaurant Realty wishes Chyna much success in her future endeavors and look forward to helping her achieve her goals.