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Nate Valentine – Tipsy Pig and more!

tipsypigNate Valentine has Unstoppable Talent.

Nate Valentine is a lifelong resident of the Bay Area and an integral part of San Francisco’s thriving social scene. After a wildly successful and educational 5-year stint as one of the youngest Directors in the history of Charles Schwab, he had a moment of truth when he realized that he ultimately couldn’t see himself as an old man in a suit working the daily grind. His grandfather advised him “Find happiness and the rest will take care of itself.”

Thus as an experimental side project, he and four partners founded Vintage415, a cultural marketing company that has since managed to add its own unique, down-to-earth imprint on local nightlife. What began in 2002 as a way to host high-profile events around the city and have some fun has evolved into a flourishing entrepreneurial adventure. Responsible for launching some of San Francisco’s favorite hangouts — Mamacita, Double Dutch, Umami, Taverna Aventine, The Ambassador , and The Tipsy Pig—he and his partners have been pioneers in the movement toward a new style of nightlife that emphasizes fun in relaxed and unpretentious social settings.

Nate’s philosophies have added to his success. He believes that in the work place everyone should be treated equally in a family like atmosphere. He and his partners will take shifts working side by side with their employees. He also believes in offering great products at reasonable prices while supporting the concept of sustainability.

Restaurant Realty Company sold The Tipsy Pig location on Chestnut Street to Nate as well as a new site on Polk Street that will open later this year. We wish Nate continued success on his future endeavors.