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Restaurant Realty Applies Technology to Prospective Buyers

As we move into the 21st Century, Restaurant Realty Company is updating its approach to reaching buyers. In addition to aggressive daily newspaper advertising, weekly mailings, and extensive yellow page placement, we have further developed our website – to target buyers’ criteria.

Each prospective buyer who fills out the buyer’s survey on our website or enclosed in our information packets becomes part of our large database which can be found on our website in the section titled “Businesses Wanted”. At this time we have over 500 buyers in the database, growing larger day by day. The criteria responded to include:

1) Type of restaurant, bar and/or club,

2) Geographical interest,

3) Cash available,

4) Number of seats,

5) Square footage and

6) Special features required such as downtown location, 5 day a week, live entertainment, full liquor, etc.

When we get a new listing, the prospective buyers’ criteria in our data base is matched with new listings. The prospect will then receive either by email, fax or mail a profile sheet outlining the highlights of the listing including the physical aspects of the business and a summary of major equipment & fixtures, purchase price, gross monthly sales, monthly adjusted cash flow, square footage, type of license(s), number of seats, summary of lease, number of employees, etc.

Please check us out at and go to our “Buyers Wanted” section to view our active buyers. If you are a buyer please look up our “Buyer Registration” section and become part of our database.