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Restaurants Selling Well at Restaurant Realty Despite Tough Economic Times

In these uncertain times, Restaurant Realty Company continues to thrive. We will end 2001 by selling over 40 businesses and we are approaching our 200th sale in just six years. Restaurant Realty Company’s success can be attributed to carrying a diverse selection of salable inventory while utilizing a multi-faceted approach to marketing our listings.

We use the following vehicles to give the widest exposure to our listings: 1) Newspaper Advertising -Daily in the San Francisco Chronicle and in 6 to 8 newspapers throughout the Bay Area on the weekend. 2) Mailings – 1000 mailings sent out weekly to all restaurant, bar and/or club owners in the 8 Bay Area counties we service. 3) Website Marketing – Our website,, is updated daily. Through this website we maintain a data base of close to 1000 buyers who have registered their criteria. These buyers receive emails from us every two weeks updating them on our new, featured and coming soon listings. 4) Phone Book Advertising – Restaurant Realty is listed in 14 phone books in the following Bay Area counties – Alameda, Contra Costa, San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, San Mateo and Santa Clara. 5) Targeted Marketing – Utilizing the above to concentrate on identifying specific buyers for various projects.

The businesses that are in biggest demand are as follows: restaurants under $200,000 in price, bars, franchise operations, neighborhood locations, 5 day a week operations, and restaurants and/or bars including real estate. These businesses are attractive to a large pool of buyers that include: 1) newly unemployed individuals looking to open their own businesses, 2) well established food service owners looking for new acquisitions and 3) other employed individuals in other fields, who are considering making a career change into the food service business.

People view eating out as a necessity to some extent due to the daily time constraints they have. Also people view eating out as a form of entertainment and a diversion from all the tension that currently exists in their daily lives. Restaurants that have a strong price value, consistent quality and good service and a clean environment will continue to do well during these times. Restaurant Realty Company is here to help make buying or selling any restaurant a satisfying experience.