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SOLD – Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar, Sacramento


Farm to table rustic food and famous craft cocktails. Located on J/28th street in midtown Sacramento, the Red Rabbit has for the past 10 years been synonymous with eclectic cocktails and ‘farm to fork’ creative food.

Fine cocktails from the ground up with house made syrups and juices all freshly squeezed, only using the finest spirits. The renowned ‘Farm to Fork’ menu is thoughtfully presented and lovingly cooked. Through a long-established referral network in the Sacramento area, Restaurant Realty Co was given the challenge from the partnership of Sellers to confidentially list ‘Red Rabbit’ for sale during the pandemic. During this period SBA lending was almost impossible to obtain, so finding an all-cash buyer for this high value/high volume restaurant & bar was a monumental task. With over 15 years of brokering restaurant sales in the greater Sacramento area, Restaurant Realty with Keith Simpson found the right potential Buyer’s with the skill and passion to succeed. The landlord, although disappointed to see the owners go, welcomed the new owners, Jamal Khan & Sam Tariq. They successfully negotiated a rent grace period and a long-term lease and escrow closed on 01/13/2021. Most of the employees remained faithful and rejoined the team with original chef, John Bays remaining at the helm to ensure the consistent high-quality food would still be served.

Over the next few months, we should see a return to some normality and a trip to Red Rabbit is definitely on my list of restaurants to enjoy again.