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SOLD – Tahini Restaurant, Mission District, San Francisco

Mission District, San Francisco

Restaurant Realty recently sold Tahini Restaurant located in the Mission District In San Francisco.

Monti, Tahini’s owner and operator, served some of the best falafel in San Francisco (yes, we know this is a contentious statement!), bringing fresh, delicious ingredients to his Middle Eastern culinary offerings.
The new owners, Maria and Alejandro, own and operate the Argentine restaurant Il Pollalio in North Beach, which serves delicious grilled meats. (Their grilled chicken might be the best in San Francisco, but we’ll let you be the judge of that for yourself.) Maria and Alejandro are excited to expand their business into the old Tahini space following a brief period of remodeling. Their food is the kind of high-quality, affordable food that San Francisco needs more of, and we wish them much success in their new location!