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Suzanne Brangham Of General’s Daughter, Ramekins & MacArthur Place

generals-daughterRestaurant Realty recently had the pleasure of working with Suzanne Brangham and completing the sale of a 19th century Victorian, The General’s Daughter Restaurant and real estate in Sonoma.

Suzanne Brangham, the former owner, has held many successful careers from teacher to advertising, to interior designer, to best selling author, to renovator of 70 properties in the SF Bay Area, to restaurateur to owner of Ramekin’s Culinary School and most recently developer of Sonoma’s historic MacArthur Place – a 64 room luxury Hotel, Spa and Conference Center. This site has been named by Forbes as “the wine country’s hippest new inn and spa.”

She is the author of the best selling HOUSEWISE and has lectured across the country. She’s been published in over 15 national magazines and appeared on national television including The Today Show, Good Morning America and Oprah Winfrey.

Suzanne’s diverse background in so many professions has led her to make Sonoma the home where she has added vitality to the community in civic and business affairs.

Restaurant Realty wishes Suzanne continued success.