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Why Choose Restaurant Realty to Sell My Restaurant, Bar, or Club?

You can take advantage of our experience: We have sold more than 500 restaurants, bars, and clubs since 1996 and have completed over 1,000 business appraisals.

You will get the highest price possible for your business: Our extensive marketing program will expose your business to thousands of potential buyers. Your business will be marketed online, in newspapers, in our email broadcast that goes out every other week to the thousands of buyers in our database, and in our direct mailings that go out to over 20,000 restaurant, bar, and club owners each year. This maximum exposure will enhance the chances of getting the highest price possible for your business.

Your business will be exposed to a huge pool of buyers: Nearly 10,000 buyers have registered in our database and are looking for restaurants, bars, or clubs to buy. In addition, almost 400 buyers come to our website daily as a result of our direct marketing and advertising in local publications and local and national online listing services.

You will increase your chances of your business being sold quickly: As a result of the large exposure that your business will receive, your chances of getting a strong offer in a relatively short time frame are high. In addition, the national average of businesses listed that get sold is around 25%. Our success rate of businesses listed that get sold is nearly 70%.

The sale of your business will be kept confidential: We have strict procedures for maintaining confidentiality throughout the marketing process. All potential buyers must sign a confidentiality agreement and be screened by one of our Buyer Coordinators to assure that they are operationally and financially qualified before they are given the name and address of your business.

You will have professional negotiators on your side: We have extensive experience working with buyers, sellers, landlords, attorneys, and accountants. Our superior negotiating skills will aid you in the quick and smooth sale of your business.

You will have a team of people working to sell your business: We are largely successful because of our team approach to getting deals done. A competent, trained member of our staff handles each stage of the process including listing your business, marketing your business, screening potential buyers, making the deal, and closing escrow. Our staff consists of a Sales Manager, two Buyer Coordinators, a Marketing and Information Systems Coordinator, a Director of Technology, and a Mailing Coordinator.

You can take advantage of our broker’s extensive experience: Steve Zimmerman, our Broker, has a proven track record with strong restaurant and real estate experience. Steve has over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business and over 30 years of experience in real estate investing. Steve was President and CEO of Zim’s Restaurant and was personally involved in overseeing over 20 restaurants as well as opening over 10 restaurants. This experience has helped Steve to understand both the buyer’s and seller’s side of the transaction. Steve’s broad range of experience and expertise will aid in the sale of your business.