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The Buyer’s Three Stage Checklist

Dec 30, 2012
The following list is broken down as follows: Stage 1 – Items you need to do before you sign a purchase contract; Stage 2 – Items you need to complete after you sign a purchase contract, and Stage 3 – [more]
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Important Questions and Information to Ask t...

Sep 30, 2012
From my versatile experiences as a restaurant owner, buyer, seller, landlord and restaurant broker I have prepared the list of questions below which should make it easier for a buyer to learn as much [more]
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What You Are Buying When You Purchase a Rest...

Sep 30, 2010
When the buyer is purchasing a restaurant, bar or club the purchase includes 1. Fixtures and Equipment,  2. Licenses, 3. Leasehold Improvements, 4. Premises Lease, 5. Goodwill, 6. Cash Flow and 7. Cov [more]
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Advantages & Disadvantages Of Buying An...

Jun 30, 2002
The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Buying An Existing Restaurant Versus Developing A Restaurant From Scratch Advantages in Purchasing an Existing Restaurant 1. Less financial risk especially if you’r [more]
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