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Advantages & Disadvantages of an Asset ...

Sep 30, 2014
Asset Sale– Advantages No legal liability for the corporation prior to the purchase. In California, when an escrow [more]
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Why Seller’s Sell

Sep 30, 2013
Retirement – This is a common reason why sellers sell. They, simply grow too old to properly run and manage the affairs of their business. If a seller does not have heirs interested in coming into the [more]
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Important Questions and Information to Ask t...

Sep 30, 2012
From my versatile experiences as a restaurant owner, buyer, seller, landlord and restaurant broker I have prepared the list of questions below which should make it easier for a buyer to learn as much [more]
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Qualifications Needed to Purchase a Restaura...

Sep 30, 2011
Landlords usually have high standards for accepting a new perspective tenant for their property due to the high failure rate for new restaurant, bar and club businesses. I often tell my clients that t [more]
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What You Are Buying When You Purchase a Rest...

Sep 30, 2010
When the buyer is purchasing a restaurant, bar or club the purchase includes 1. Fixtures and Equipment,  2. Licenses, 3. Leasehold Improvements, 4. Premises Lease, 5. Goodwill, 6. Cash Flow and 7. Cov [more]
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How Meeting Buyers’ Expectations Leads To Sa...

Sep 30, 2009
Despite the doom and gloom about the economy in the media, businesses are selling at Restaurant Realty. To date we have completed and/or are in escrow with nearly 35 TRANSACTIONS as indicated immediat [more]
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Fine Tune Your Operations To Maintain Value ...

Sep 30, 2008
Today’s economy requires that operators maintain all the basics that have been discussed in the last Restaurant Rap issue which include a) serving quality food and beverages, b) providing good service [more]
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Things That Can Go Wrong During A Sales Tran...

Sep 30, 2007
There are several reasons why a seller should use a specialized restaurant broker to help sell their restaurant, bar or night club. In addition to getting them the highest price possible in the shorte [more]
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The Major Factors In Selecting a Strong Rest...

Sep 30, 2006
Choosing the right restaurant location is one of the most important factors in contributing to ones success in the business. The restaurant business is very challenging to be successful in and having [more]
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Dealing With The Most Common Problems That C...

Sep 30, 2005
There are many problems which can occur during the sales process and having closed over 400 escrows Restaurant Realty has experienced many of these problems. This discussion is to prepare the seller o [more]
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The Eight Step Selling Process – Part ...

Sep 30, 2004
From The Offer Stage Through The Close Of Escrow Stage We thought it be helpful to discuss the various stages of the selling process as eventually most of you will be selling your business some day.  [more]
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Helpful Techniques In Negotiating Your Lease...

Sep 30, 2003
As a former restaurant owner and as a restaurant broker I have negotiated over 300 leases. As a result of my experience I thought it would be helpful in this issue and the next issue to discuss some o [more]
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Why So Many Restaurants Fail

Sep 30, 2002
After selling over 225 restaurants since 1996, we are able to assess why many restaurants fail. The following are the primary reasons: Poor Location – Good location is extremely important. We ha [more]
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Buyers and Sellers Connect Online

Sep 30, 2001
Restaurant Realty Company’s website, www.restaurantrealty.com has been effective in putting together buyers and sellers which has resulted in several sales. Our website is viewed daily by hundreds of [more]
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How to Negotiate a Good Tenant’s Lease &...

Sep 30, 2000
Here are the things a tenant needs in negotiating a good tenant’s lease: 1. A knowledge of the market rents for comparable restaurant space which can be obtained from a real estate broker. 2. A viable [more]
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How Restaurant Realty Company Maintains Stri...

Jul 01, 1999
Confidentiality is extremely important in marketing a business for sale as it can be a very sensitive time to keep a business running smoothly prior to a transition. In dealing with a confidential sal [more]
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