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Mercedes Raffulls and Jasmine Lymon of The Pan Restaurants in Southern California

The Pan is a Gardena based restaurant that was founded in March 2012. The idea for a restaurant specializing in comfort food, made from scratch, came from owners and founders Mercedes Raffulls and Jasmine Lymon. Mercedes was working as a general manager for the Lighting division of General Electric, as well as, an Environmental Health and Safety director, over 200 employees. Mercedes had been in the logistic corporate world for over 15 years, but always yearned to have her own business. Jasmine has been in the restaurant industry for over 19 years. After graduation from the California School for the Culinary Arts in 1999, Jasmine’s passion for creating amazing food and her desire to have her own kitchen grew. As a chef, it is always a dream to have a kitchen to call your own. So, with Mercedes’s business experience and Jasmine’s ability to execute exceptional food, the Pan was created.

Earlier this year, Restaurant Realty sold Lost at Sea Restaurant in Old Town Pasadena to the industrious owners of The Pan Restaurants. The dynamic team are the driving force behind three successful established restaurants, two in Garden Grove another in Long Beach. We are happy to announce, their 4th location is off to a great start as well since they transformed the Lost at Sea location on Holly St. The restaurant and newly renovated bar are bright, cheerful and crowded with seating inside and street side.

They serve up every kind of comfort food you can imagine in large portions including deep dish pizza, burgers, pancakes and fried chicken along with a variety of delicious breakfast dishes all day and night. The Pan made their mark nationally when their Ultimate Hash Browns were mentioned as one of the top 10 best hash browns in the country! These hard working, impressive ladies roll up their sleeves to bring folks good food, specialty drinks, desserts plus, beer and wine cocktails with a twist!

Their staff and customer base have become an extended family to them. To give back to the communities that support them, they generously raise money and support a variety of noteworthy local charities. They will also be opening their 5th location during the summer and Restaurant Realty wishes them continued success in all of their endeavors.