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Peter Cooperstein – Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria

amicisAfter graduating form Cornell University with a degree in economics and receiving an MBA from MIT in 1981, Peter Cooperstein, a Boston native, came west to work in the computer industry. Fortunately for Bay area pizza lovers his plans in the computer business didn’t pan out and he and partner Mike Forter opened their first Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria on San Mateo’s Third Avenue in 1987.

The Amici’s chain now has 7 stores with others opening soon in San Francisco and Santa Clara. The company believes that promoting dine in service in their comfortable and well appointed restaurants-40 % of their sales, promoting delivery service- 50 % of their sales and also having some take out business-10 % of total sales is a three pronged approach that leads to success. This strategy has helped put Amici’s as number 1 ranking on Pizza Today’s Top 100 Independents list for 4 consecutive years.

Peter Cooperstein runs his chain that tops over $20 million in sales in a low key way. He is often found dressed in casual pants and a T-shirt while driving his 2 year old Toyota crowned with an Amici’s delivery sign. He eats in his stores often-3 or 4 times a week. He is the consummate family man who loves to spend quality time with his wife May Lin and their 3 children ranging in age from 6 to 15. They travel back to their roots in Boston often-at least 5 times a year.

Amici’s food is reminiscent of East Coast style—the crust is thin, almost charred- baked in special stone hearths at 700 degree temperatures. The restaurants, all with unique and posh decors, reflect East Coast themes adorned with black and white photographs of sports stars from East Coast cities like New York and Boston and other memorabilia.

Restaurant Realty Company congratulates Peter Cooperstein of Amici’s for his success and is pleased to have been involved with him acquiring two of his locations.