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SOLD – Ice Panda, Elk Grove

Elk Grove / Sacramento County

The transaction was completed by Tamas Torok of Restaurant Realty!

Tamas Torok, an RRC agent closed escrow last week on Ice Panda in Elk Grove which is a unique ice cream concept.

The concept includes Thai rolled ice cream and this style of ice cream originated in Thailand created by street vendors who make ice cream on their carts.  Thai rolled ice cream starts with an ice cream base which is liquid.  They have extremely cold metal pans and freeze the ice cream base along with any fruit or toppings right in front of your eyes.  The ice cream is spread out, chopped, and then rolled into ice cream in a fun to watch preparation. They make fresh ice cream bases every single day with no stabilizers, additives, gums, or preservatives.  Also, because of the way the ice cream is made there is less air which cheap ice cream companies churn into their ice creams to use less ingredients while creating the appearance of more ice cream.

Each customer can watch as their ice cream creation gets made, no stale ice cream covered in freezer burn here!  They offer 6 unique flavored bases, 20 types of mixers, and 30 different types of toppings.

Customers can order one of the specialty flavors that Ice Panda has already created like Pumpkin Spice, Thai-tanic (Thai tea), Strawberry Cheesecake, Taro Galaxy, and more.  Or you can create your own custom combo.  Every creation is made to order and they only have two of the pans for this ice cream so there can be a bit of a wait here.