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SOLD – Slicer Pizzeria, Oakland


Longtime hospitality industry veteran, Colin Etezadi created, owned and operated the popular Slicer Pizzeria which opened in 2013.

Colin chose a location on the wonderful Piedmont Avenue in Oakland, which offers great restaurants, good coffee, local retailers and more to the residents and workers who populate the area. Colin’s has local roots and loved the diversity of this thoroughfare, and thus saw the potential to thrive here with his pizza brand.

Slicer did well here and sold variety of slices that flew out the door during lunch and beyond. Additionally, whole pies were picked up each evening as mom’s and dad’s drove home from work to feed their families. Slicer was well respected and loved by the neighborhood, and many were sad to see it go once the for sale signage went up. In 2020 Colin contacted Restaurant Realty, and retained listing agent, Andy Mirabell to list and sell his business.

After some months and a lot of buyer interest, Colin accepted the offer of, longtime food and wine veteran, Jonathan Ruppert. Jonathan located Restaurant Realty’s listing for Slicer, pursued the opportunity and ultimately purchased this great location. Jonathan saw the great potential within this grab and go space, as well as the wonderful neighborhood vibe there. Jonathan is a handworker, but ultimately a family man at heart. So, it is fitting that he will open Pizzeria Violetta in the coming months. Appropriately named, after his young darling daughter Violet, Jonathan plans to keep the by-the-slice appeal of Slicer but refresh the flavors and food and wine offerings as well. Per Andy Mirabell, Jonathan was a highly efficient and kind buyer to work with.

Andy and Restaurant Realty Company wish the Ruppert family long-lasting success with within this space with their new concept Pizzeria Violetta. And who knows; one day we all may have the pleasure of being served a slice by Violet herself!