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How Much Money Do You Need to Open and Opera...

Dec 30, 2010
If you are purchasing a restaurant, bar or club business you need to have adequate money on hand as indicated below before you move forward with the acquisition. Let’s assume for illustrative purposes [more]
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What You Are Buying When You Purchase a Rest...

Sep 30, 2010
When the buyer is purchasing a restaurant, bar or club the purchase includes 1. Fixtures and Equipment,  2. Licenses, 3. Leasehold Improvements, 4. Premises Lease, 5. Goodwill, 6. Cash Flow and 7. Cov [more]
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Things You Need to Know Before You Purchase ...

Jun 30, 2010
You must understand the financial aspects of the business. You must be able to understand how to read and analyze financial statements such as the monthly profit and loss statement, daily sales report [more]
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Motivations for Buying a Restaurant, Bar or ...

Mar 30, 2010
Here are some of the reasons that motivate individuals to go into the restaurant, bar and nightclub business. Make a living and become financially successful. This is a priority motivation of most ent [more]
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