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Lloyd Russell of The Corporate Chef

corporate_chefLloyd Russell and the Corporate Chef celebrates 50 Years in Business. Harry Russell started the Corporate Chef in March 1961 by opening up his first operation in a Macy’s employee’s cafeteria. In 1975 Lloyd, Harry’s son, was in law school when he started working part time in the business. After a year in the business and after graduating from University of Santa Clara Law School he decided he enjoyed the business so much he joined the company full time starting in sales and opening new accounts and then overseeing operations. Since then the company has prospered and has 30 operations in California, Salt Lake City, Utah and Lewisville, Texas. The operations are in colleges, high schools, in a couple of Macy’s department stores and in primarily high tech industrial businesses where they run the food service operations in these facilities. Some of their major clients include Xerox Abbott Medical Optics, Clorox, Northrop Grumman, Rocky Mountain Power, Sannmina and Sutter Health.

The Corporate Chef is dedicated to bringing quality food service to corporate and educational environments at an affordable price to both client and customer. Their kitchens are designed to prepare and serve exceptional food while promoting activities that create stronger communities. Their program includes partnering with trained chefs who operate the operations and benefit from the profits from the operations. Their services include catering from sandwiches to sit-down dinners with continuous coverage from opening to closing with the ability to operate cafes, bistros, coffee carts and barbecues. One of the major points that distinguish the Corporate Chef from their competitors is that Corporate Chefs clients don’t have to subsidize their operations as they do with their competitors which save their clients a lot of money.

Restaurant Realty has had the opportunity of completing a couple of transactions with Corporate Chef and is currently working with them on additional opportunities.

If you have any interest in becoming a working partner with Corporate Chef, which is in a growth mode with the goal of becoming a national company, please go the Current Listing of our website,, and go to listing 1544 as well as going to Corporate Chefs website. We congratulate Corporate Chef on their fiftieth anniversary and wish them continued success for the next 50 years or more.