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The Advantage of Being Your Business’s...

Dec 30, 2014
One of the biggest challenges restaurant, bar and club operators face is the cost of spiraling occupancy costs. I h [more]
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Benefits of working with a Restaurant Broker

Dec 30, 2013
A professional restaurant broker should have a vast amount of restaurant, bar, and/or club experience, and understa [more]
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The Buyer’s Three Stage Checklist

Dec 30, 2012
The following list is broken down as follows: Stage 1 – Items you need to do before you sign a purchase contract; Stage 2 – Items you need to complete after you sign a purchase contract, and Stage 3 – [more]
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How Buyers Evaluate a Restaurant, Bar or Clu...

Dec 30, 2011
The three primary areas buyers focus on in doing their analysis to determine if the restaurant, bar or club opportunity is the right one for them is as follows: a. Price Valuation, b. Location Overvie [more]
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How Much Money Do You Need to Open and Opera...

Dec 30, 2010
If you are purchasing a restaurant, bar or club business you need to have adequate money on hand as indicated below before you move forward with the acquisition. Let’s assume for illustrative purposes [more]
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The Advantages And Disadvantages of Doing De...

Dec 30, 2009
ADVANTAGES Some Sellers are very motivated to sell – Due to the economic challenges that many sellers face they are motivated to sell quickly. Many sellers are on the brink of going out of business an [more]
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Converting Problems Into Opportunities ̵...

Dec 30, 2008
In these challenging economic times we see a number of successful operators capitalizing on other operators problems and turning these problems into opportunities. There are a number of operators that [more]
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Things That Can Go Wrong During A Sales Tran...

Dec 30, 2007
This article is a continuation of Part 1 of the Things That Can Go Wrong During a Sales Transaction. Part 1 discussed the things that can go wrong from the Buyer’s side and Part 2 will discuss how thi [more]
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Restaurant Realty’s Team Approach Gets The D...

Dec 30, 2006
Restaurant Realty Company, which is headed by the efforts of myself (Steve Zimmerman, President/Broker) is successful because of our team approach to getting deals done. A competent, trained member of [more]
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Restaurant Realty Completes 76 Transactions ...

Dec 30, 2005
Below find the breakdown of Transactions by Bay Area region for 2005. San Francisco: 28 Marin County: 10 San Rafael: 4 Novato:2 Olema:1 Larkspur:1 Corte Madera:1 Woodacre:1 Sonoma County: 4 Santa Rosa [more]
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The Eight Step Selling Process – Part ...

Dec 30, 2004
The Escrow Process An escrow is a process whereby there is a third party in a transaction, (the first and second parties are the buyer and seller), usually an escrow company, which is a neutral entity [more]
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Helpful Techniques In Negotiating Your Lease...

Dec 30, 2003
As a continuation to our last article I will discuss further some additional important points regarding lease negotiations which I believe will be helpful to you. 1. ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLEASE RIGHTS – H [more]
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Restaurant Realty Speaks To Restaurant Manag...

Dec 30, 2002
Steve Zimmerman of Restaurant Realty Speaks To Restaurant Management & Culinary Students At Cornell University , City College San Francisco & The California Culinary Academy. In recent months [more]
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The Advantages Of Working With An Experience...

Dec 30, 2000
A professional restaurant broker should have vast restaurant experience so he/she understands the operations, marketing and financial aspects of the business. Additionally, a competent restaurant brok [more]
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Restaurant Realty Company Lists The Great Am...

Aug 01, 1999
Please find below a newspaper article which appeared in the San Francisco Examiner July 28, 1999 edition. Wanted Buyer who will keep spirit of Great American Music Hall alive By Craig Marine of the Ex [more]
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What You Should Do To Get Your Restaurant, B...

Aug 01, 1999
The following are suggestions on how to help facilitate the sale of your restaurant, bar and/or club: 1) Have a copy of your most current health inspection report and make sure that all of items that [more]
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