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The Restaurant Sales Process

Jun 30, 2014
The sales process is a delicate balance between the needs and requests of the buyer and seller. Added to that is th [more]
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Troubled Business Signs to Look For

Mar 30, 2014
Employees comment that customers are complaining about poor service, poor maintenance conditions, and the quality a [more]
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The Market For Selling Restaurants

Jun 30, 2004
Restaurant Realty Company is extremely active and this year we have been as busy or busier than past years. A lot of this action is attributed to the excellent diversified inventory of businesses we h [more]
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Don’t Wait Until It Is Too Late!

Mar 30, 2003
In today’s active selling climate it is important to have your business positioned as favorably as possible. We are finding more frequently that sellers are not maximizing potential profit from their [more]
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