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The Market For Selling Restaurants

Restaurant Realty Company is extremely active and this year we have been as busy or busier than past years. A lot of this action is attributed to the excellent diversified inventory of businesses we have for sale including businesses with real estate, franchises, cash flow businesses and well priced assets for sale businesses. Another major reason we are busy is that there is a strong buyer pool which is discussed below.

The major reasons sellers are selling today is as follows:

a. Retirement – Sellers are reaching the age of retirement and are burned out and tired of all the hassles of running a business.

b. Relocation – Some sellers are leaving the area as it is too expensive to live here and they can’t afford the quality of life they desire.

c. Sellers in Trouble – Unfortunately there is a high failure rate in the industry and during challenging economic times there is even a greater percentage of sellers that fail.

D. Partnership Disputes – We are seeing more and more successful businesses that are closing or selling as a result of partner disagreements on how the business should operate.

E. Career Changes – A number of sellers are changing careers as they don’t like the business due to the physical demands which negatively impact their home life and overall happiness.