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The Restaurant Sales Process

Jun 30, 2014
The sales process is a delicate balance between the needs and requests of the buyer and seller. Added to that is th [more]
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Benefits of working with a Restaurant Broker

Dec 30, 2013
A professional restaurant broker should have a vast amount of restaurant, bar, and/or club experience, and understa [more]
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Why Seller’s Sell

Sep 30, 2013
Retirement – This is a common reason why sellers sell. They, simply grow too old to properly run and manage the affairs of their business. If a seller does not have heirs interested in coming into the [more]
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Selling Your Restaurant – What You Nee...

Apr 28, 2009
SCREENCAST: Selling Your Restaurant – What You Need to Know to Attract Serious Buyers & Get Top Price Lea [more]
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2008 Will Be a Strong Year for Buying &...

Mar 30, 2008
Based on the busy activity we have experienced on both the selling and buying sides of our business it appears that 2008 will be another very busy year for Restaurant Realty Company.  Unlike many othe [more]
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Restaurant Realty’s Marketing System Complet...

Jun 30, 2005
We have sold over 400 food service businesses as a result of our commitment to maintaining a large inventory of businesses for sale and making a meaningful investment in marketing and advertising thes [more]
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The Eight Step Selling Process – Part ...

Dec 30, 2004
The Escrow Process An escrow is a process whereby there is a third party in a transaction, (the first and second parties are the buyer and seller), usually an escrow company, which is a neutral entity [more]
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The Eight Step Selling Process – Part ...

Sep 30, 2004
From The Offer Stage Through The Close Of Escrow Stage We thought it be helpful to discuss the various stages of the selling process as eventually most of you will be selling your business some day.  [more]
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The Market For Selling Restaurants

Jun 30, 2004
Restaurant Realty Company is extremely active and this year we have been as busy or busier than past years. A lot of this action is attributed to the excellent diversified inventory of businesses we h [more]
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