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Lee Quan of Lee’s Deli

lees_logo_transLee’s Deli was created by Lee and Claudia in 1983, however, its commitment to serving its customers originated over 45 years ago. At the age of 14, Lee worked in his dad’s butcher shop on Fillmore Street, called Daily Meat Market, to provide quality meat at a low price. It was here that Lee learned the importance of serving fresh food in a timely manner and having a commitment to his customers. This experienced proved to be the foundation for what was to come 24 years later –Lee’s Deli!

Lee’s Deli started out as a small deli on Kearny Street featuring down-to-earth sandwiches at a low price. The business began to grow as more people around the financial district were drawn by the fresh homemade turkey and roast beef. Lee’s started opening new locations around San Francisco and expanded its menu by offering breakfast egg sandwiches, a salad bar, wraps, wonton noodle soup, and even a Chinese food buffet bar. The newest improvements to the Lee’s menu are the new deluxe sandwiches featuring sauces such as chipotle, pesto and curry and the hearty soup bar that offers a healthy selection of wholesome soups such as chicken sausage gumbo, sirloin beef and pasta, Boston clam chowder and much more.

Beyond office catering, Lee’s now caters private events such as graduation parties, baby parties and picnics. Lee’s Deli now operates out of eleven locations around the financial district, and the foundation of fresh ingredients, value and service still make up the center of the operation.

Restaurant Realty recently completed a transaction with Lee and we wish him continued success in all of his future endeavors (especially on the tennis court as we occasionally play one another).