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Restaurant Realty Company’s Comprehensive Services Equals Successful Results for Our Clients – Part 1

Restaurant Realty’s success has been largely a result of the comprehensive services we provide our clients, some of which are discussed below.

  1. Our comprehensive database of over 10,000 buyers is regularly updated with the addition of new buyers daily.
  2. We respond to all buyers and sellers phone calls, faxes and emails the same day they are received (except on weekends and holidays).
  3. We have staff professionals who service and oversee each part of the transaction some of which include: a. our Broker who oversees each transaction and works with his associates to assure each deal is handled properly, b. our Sales Manager – who manages the deals in conjunction with the Broker, and c. our Buyer Coordinators – who screens the buyers and sets up the back of the house appointments.
  4. Our website is updated daily and the other ten plus websites we participate on are updated on a timely basis too.
  5. Any time a price adjustment occurs, all prospective buyers that previously responded to that listing, have signed a confidentiality agreement and have been screened by our Buyer Coordinators receive an email blast regarding that price adjustment. Frequently a buyer that was moderately interested in this listing turns into the buyer of that business as a result of receiving this email blast.
  6. Every other week we send out to over 10,000 buyers, sellers and brokers in our data base our email newsletter which discusses our new listings, price reduced listings, featured listings and coming soon listings.
  7. To protect the parties, no transaction closes escrow until all documentation has been completed which includes all contracts signed by all parties including lease documents, seller and buyer disclosure statements and equipment lists signed when the deal goes into contract. The equipment list is signed again immediately before the close of escrow after the buyer and seller perform their final walk thru.
  8. A comprehensive transaction checklist is provided to the buyer to help assure every aspect of the transaction will be completed properly.
  9. A landlord package is completed by the buyer which includes the buyer’s personal financial statement, current credit report, resume and business plan so the seller and landlord can decide whether the buyer is financially and operationally qualified to buy the business.

By providing the services indicated above the buyer and seller are happy, the deal gets closed in a timely manner and all parties in the transaction are legally protected.