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Mary’s Pizza Shack – A Family Affair

We recently sold Marioni’s on Sonoma Square in Sonoma to Mary’s Pizza Shack. The company was founded by Mary Fazio in 1959 and her grandchildren currently run the business and have continued the same original recipes, traditions, quality food and passion. Mary’s Pizza Shack provides homemade Italian food at reasonable prices, From one single “shack”, Mary’s has grown to 15 full service casual Italian restaurants in Sonoma, Napa, Marin, Solano and Contra Costa counties.

Cooking homemade Italian food is a rich part of their family history. It all began with the recipes their grandmother Mary Fazio served in the “shack”. Mary Fazio was born in New York City to immigrants of Ischia, Italy, a small island just west of Naples. In 1959, Mary took her own pots and pans from home, $700 savings and a passion for great Italian food to start Mary’s Pizza Shack and the restaurant became in instant success.

“I love my customers,” she would say. “I want to care of them. I guess I just love people.” Mary proved that everywhere she went. At grocery stores and local shops, she was notorious for scribbling her signature on a napkin for locals and friends, valid for a free pizza.

The company is currently run by third generation family members including Cullie Williamson- President & CEO, Vince Albano-VP Restaurant Develop, Bruce Lane-IT Director, Vince Dito-F & B Director, Nanette Albano Lane-Design, and Marie Albano Dito – Contributions. We wish Mary’s family continued success in carrying on the family tradition for many more generations to come.